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2016-09-30 00:44:51 by alamazo

So I am drunk as shit but fuck you i can still typew. So I drew something and I fucking want to yuploas it. But I cant cause I can t figure out how? (. _.) Hey! that was my my girst emoticon I used? Oh dhit! hey I will upload this whenm i am not drunk. So  drew A picture when I was not drunk like just a shit as fuck dude whith no legs! Then I titled it and tried to draw sometring while drunk! Aw what the fuck.

Forgot the name of the girl that decided That she Qwas  a fan Of me? like she was far better than me but she said Im a fan? wghaaaaat? so I was Like hey a female that might be chill asa fick! so like if yuour avaliable or whTEVER JUST SAY SO? CHILL? damn caps lock! haha just fucking arounfd? where the hell is me mum? AW fuck my life by the way shoutouts to larry nachos

 ho must really llike nachoes lol! best musician like on fucking does not get the appreciatio j he deserves !



Anyway i drunk so fuck me! Um pleaswe dont fuck off because of this past!@!@@!!!!

edit !!! poasr post not pAST.

Papa is home

2016-07-28 09:08:40 by alamazo

Papa is home

Papa had shitty job at a boy scout summer camp.

Papa used free time to draw Bewbs.

Papa belives he is ready.

Papa Believes he can.

Papa will try to please you.

Papa loves his children

Papa loves you

Papa is home.

Why Not?

2016-04-26 01:14:04 by alamazo

I haven't really uploaded anything I've drawn lately, because I'm on my man period, and I keep yelling, "ITS NOT FUCKIN GOOD ENUFFFFFFF!!!!" and ripping the paper to pieces, and then crying to myself. That's it. That is all I've done with my life.